60 followers? Thank you! +Quick Update.

A couple of days in Disneyland spent wondering why I’m not a real-life princess (seriously guys, I’d do great reigning over the Phantom Manor) has kept me from documenting my resolutions progress sooner but firstly I would like to reach out and thank those of you who are joining me on this little journey. No not the journey to Disneyland, sorry about that, this little blog journey. A thank you post is a long time coming if I’m honest! It’s been immensely enjoyable reading other people’s blogs and finding out how different – and so often similar – we are from one another, despite our backgrounds or cultures. I’ve got some blog-reading to catch up on now for sure! So I’ll take a step back from my usual writing style to thank you all, genuinely, for following this blog and for liking/commenting on/reading my posts. It is super appreciated and it’s always lovely when you guys check in.

My January resolutions were as follows: read two books and socialise twice. You can read why I picked these goals here. I have been really struggling to concentrate because my brain enjoys playing a fun game where it makes me think about everything except what I’m meant to be thinking about, but I am finally picking up the pace to scrape the reading goal just in time (I hope)! As for socialising? It’s about time I caught up with an old friend so against all my instincts to stay in my room and slowly turn into a slug, I better be getting out and saying a real life Hello. The clock is ticking and with every tick-tock I am reminded of the resolutions I must tick off.

Wish me luck and – thank you, thank you – to those who already have!



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