February Resolutions: New Recipes and Reluctantly Yoga-ing

I went from no resolutions to 24 written up within an hour so it’s safe to say there wasn’t much overthinking involved. Until I decided to start a whole blog about it, of course. Here are my goals for February…

  • Cook at least 2 new recipes

The other day my supervisor asked if I’d ever thought about marriage. My response was ‘No (long pause)… instead of a wedding cake I’d have a wedding potato and someone would bring out three different sorts of chips and we’d all eat chips because chips are the best. People need triple cooked, sweet potato, curly fries and… chips cooked in rosemary & truffle oil with camembert to dip them in! (That’s a new invention I call Fancy Cheesy Chips if you’re wondering.) Oh, and hopefully I will be marrying an actual potato.’

On the surface I don’t have a sophisticated relationship with food but in the last few months I’ve been treated to a few nice meals out and have come to realise one thing:  fancy restaurants serve lovely food.  Shocker. I’m sure my description of ‘fancy’ is someone else’s version of ‘not Nandos’ but STILL. When I very rarely actually eat out for financial reasons, why do I not have standards at home?

Has your diet ever got a little boring due to money, mental health, fussy eaters, a busy lifestyle or (also valid) just not feeling in the mood to cook?

I’ve seen those articles, the ones that only incorporate the cost of ‘a teaspoon of cumin’ and ‘half a pepper’ into the overall cost of a meal and declare there’s no excuse not to eat scrummy food on a budget, but I’m pretty sure rummaging through Asda and cutting off half a courgette or demanding to pay 11p for two slices of bread isn’t going to go down that well. With me. I’m far too lazy to bother.

I’m never going to have that ~relaxing~ cooking experience in a shared kitchen either, which of course also involves minimal freezer space (difficult to batch cook). Plus it can be tricky to integrate Not Wanting To Wash Up More Than One Pan into creating an in-home culinary experience. And yes, on the days I feel particularly low I’m unlikely to take care of myself properly which is the main reason I chose this goal.

Ah, so many beautiful excuses that I will standby till the day I die. Let’s put them aside and get cooking then. Anyone got any veggie recipes I can try out? Let me know!

  • Yoga twice a week (In my room. Even if it’s just for ten minutes.)

One time a friend and I agreed to go to the gym together. We lasted about 15 minutes and then we went to the gym cafe and had chips. Gosh I’m predictable. I’ve tried to exercise but I get worn out after about 2 minutes so I have to stop, but I have a show coming up and I have to move about and not look like an absolute lemon so, this is necessary.  I’m using the ‘Track Yoga’ app to help me accomplish this goal. It’s freeeee.


You can see my full list of goals for the year here and I’m happy to say I completed my January goals… yesterday.


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