How I achieved my February Resolutions

If you’ve just stumbled across my blog, I have set myself two small goals for each month of 2017. Here’s why I picked these goals for February if you’d like some context. And here’s how I did…

  1. Do yoga twice a week (at home where no one can see me do it wrong, even if it’s just for 10 minutes!)

It’s been a stressful month so whilst you could view this as perfect timing for a yoga goal, it was begrudgingly that I took to the TrackYoga app. I felt that it was rather silly to bother with unwinding whilst my personal and professional life seemed to be doing the unwinding for me! I prefer to swallow my anxiety with a pinch of Doing Absolutely Nothing, thank you very much. But the app is free and easy to use and I stuck to the easiest videos two or three times a week which felt doable. The app starts off easy if you’re a novice and each ‘class’ is a video with narrated instructions. As you progress you unlock more difficult videos. Simple! I probably did most of it wrong seeing as I never left my room, but it’s a start right?! Any yogis or even social yoga-goers may raise an eyebrow at my attempts but my head is held high; not only did I meet my quota but I enjoyed corpse pose every other night of the week! For anyone who’s even less yogi-ey than I am (can that be a word please?) corpse pose is my favourite pose and it basically involves lying down. Now that’s my kinda exercise.

  1. Cook two new recipes from scratch.

I’ve been playing vegetable relay! Which is a game I just made up…

I started off with three different veggies and each time one ran out I’d buy another, so whilst I ate a slightly different combination of veggies each day the cost was kept low and vegetables kept fresh. All that was left to do was combine a mix of simple herbs and spices with coconut milk (curries), tinned tomatoes (pasta, chilli, curries), noodles, or, you know just shove the veggies on top of some potatoes. (If anyone read my intro to February resolutions blog, you’ll know you much I love them potatoes.) I headed to my favourite vegetarian food blogs Oh My Veggies and Cookie and Kate for inspiration and combined some new ideas with old familiar cooking tactics. A surprising contender for online recipes was Jamie Oliver’s website, mostly because many food blogs use too many ingredients which won’t be readily available in your cupboard (I’m working on a budget here people!) and I’ve been dreaming of making my own aubergine parmigiana since my trip to Florence last year.

I always enjoy cooking but often want to get out of my shared kitchen as quickly as possible and stick to spending time alone in my room, probably in corpse pose. So for now I will sneak in the shadows with my courgettes and peppers timidly trying new things with cumin whilst dreaming of the new recipes I’ll enjoy when I one day have a place of my own. You know, when the housing crisis calms down in a parallel universe where it’s a viable option for lower middle class millennials to rent a house bigger than a spoon. Bon appétit!


Next up: now it’s March and I have a new activity to try a planet to save! Let me know if you can think of any affordable activities which I could do in or around London and I’ll get planning! Wish me luck 🙂


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