March Resolutions: Try a New Activity & erm… Save the Planet?

At the beginning of each month I will give a brief explanation of why I chose the particular monthly goals. I went from no resolutions to 24 written up within an hour, so it’s safe to say there wasn’t much over-thinking involved. Until I decided to make a whole blog out of it, of course.

  • Try a new activity


Leaving the house is gross enough without having to TRY NEW THINGS… amiright? This is what my brain tells me every morning so I don’t have to deal with social anxiety/being skint/wearing anything but fluffy pajamas all day long. There’s one minor problem with this safety net of negative thinking – I actually like trying new things! Although this month is pretty jam-packed between three best friend’s birthdays and a two-year relationship special, there is still a small gap left to try something new. But to be clear, it is a very small gap. If anyone has any ideas for a fun activity I can do in London which won’t break the bank (the sparsely filled piggy bank that is) please let me know! I may have to enlist the help of my friends for suggestions on this one too because, whilst I don’t have the funds for a skydiving class or the time to train a poodle to tap dance, I really am hoping my activity is at least one step above watching origami Youtube videos and making swans out of old receipts.

  • Do something good for the environment


Oh dear. The world is ending. The temperature is rising, the ice caps are melting, and does anyone know what happened to all the disappearing bees?! Basically we’re all going to die. I mean, duh, of course we are. But now when we die we’re also going to be too hot/too cold/trapped with Jake Gyllenhaal in a library. Scary stuff. It’s unusual for me to jest about the issue as IRL I often ponder if the global warming deniers are not just the Trumps of the world, but all of us who consume too many animal products/fly too much/use too much plastic etc etc and take offense when we’re reminded it’s unethical. If we REALLY believed we were devastating the planet we’d make more of an effort right? At the very least there’s a lot of dissociation going on which allows us to let old habits slide.

So what’s next for me? I considered an eating challenge, but I’m already a veggie with minimal dairy consumption so it seemed too easy. I’m becoming used to using my backpack and buying as many non-packaged goods as poss but I am still incredibly wasteful. Hmm, let’s see what I can come up with! Recommendations are welcome.


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