Travel Diaries: 48 Hours in Florence, Italy.

Alongside my ‘Resolutions’ updates, I will be starting a Travel Diary. For the most part, this is so I can have a record of the places I’ve been too, but should you happen to be visiting any of the places I recall, I’ll be sure to spare some handy tips.

screenshot_2017-03-06-08-57-39-1.pngFor my first trip with my boyfriend, he suggested Florence. ‘It’ll be romantic,’ he said. ‘The perfect first holiday for a couple,’ he said. We turn up and he kept marvelling at how well ‘Assassin’s Creed’ had captured the city. Oh Seb. Whilst he did have had a secret motive, his insight into the Medici family meant I had my own personal tour guide, plus the food was amazing and the surrounding architecture stunning. I could have walked the streets for hours (and once I had walked the streets for hours and my feet were tired, we snuck in a horse drawn carriage). Okay, so he had a point, it was very romantic.

How I got there:

We were given EasyJet vouchers and flew to Pisa, from where we got a train to Florence. We stopped by the Leaning Tower on the way back where my boyfriend was 281948x more interested in all the people taking ‘pushing the tower’ photos than he was the tower itself.


Where I stayed:

We went fancy and got a 4* hotel through Secret Escapes after Seb received credit as a birthday gift. Hotel Cellai was lovely, complete with a four-poster bed and an ‘honesty bar’ with rooftop views.

What I did:

Sightseeing Day 1: We checked out The Baptistry and the Medici Tombs, climbed up The Duomo and strolled through the Boboli Gardens hand in hand. Visiting late-January meant avoiding the hellish queues I’ve heard about and we found ourselves completely alone in the gardens which was magical.


Sightseeing Day 2: We visited the Uffizi and the Academia (home to ‘The Birth of Venus’ and Michelangelo’s David respectively). Our final ‘museum’ stop was the Museo Galileo which was my favourite of the ‘intellectual’ stops.

Highs: FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. And wine. And food and wine. I’d never stayed in a fancy hotel before and best of all it was my first trip away with a partner so this will remain super special. But no matter who you’re travelling with, Florence a great place to visit. Did I mention the food?

Lows: Knowing that it will be a long time till I’m back in Italy.

screenshot_2017-02-21-11-19-58-1.pngTip for vegetarians: DON’T worry. You’ll be in heaven. Vegetables, grown in the correct climate, beautifully cooked! There are veggie restaurants to check out too but the average restaurant will be heaven for omnivores and veggies alike. DO be prepared to miss the food of Florence forevermore. When I tried eating out when I got back to London I finally understood the origins behind the saying ‘English cooking is bad’. I have spent the last year marvelling at how so many Brits don’t know how to cook a vegetable.


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