Why being a ¼ of the way through 2017 isn’t as bad as it sounds.

This post comes as we approach a quarter of the way through the year, a time when we can reflect on all the things we’ve done so far – or, more likely, let out a little yikes. In actual fact three months is a very short space of time to measure achievement so it is hardly surprising to hear a few cries of ‘gosh that went quick’ and ‘oh dear, is that all I’ve done?’ when looking back. Listen out for gulps of panic let out by strained colleagues as they confess their guilt and see what you can hear… One man only has a day left to do that Super Thorough house clean he had insisted would be done by the end of March! Another admits that she’s avoiding her mother’s phone calls as she isn’t willing to be quizzed about whether she decided to go for a job promotion yet;  she made a passing comment at Christmas that she might want a career change in 2017 and well it’s already March dear, it’ll be 2018 before you know it! Sound familiar? Expect to hear daily updates from the man who you always see in the lift about the staring match he is currently participating in with the credit card statement on his kitchen table. Yup, the one he were meant to have sorted by March. March 2015. (FYI letters from the bank never blink. They will always beat you.)

Maybe we all need to give ourselves more credit for what we actually did do in less-than-one-hundred-days alongside working, coping with families and having a life. Come on, most of us didn’t have a holiday, promotion or get a new sofa in the past measly 89 days and that’s okay. The chances are you ate a few good meals, saw a couple of friends, made a stupid comment that caused someone to burst into giggles or squealed with delight at the sight of blue skies. The best part of it approaching the end of March? Spring is well and truly upon us!

Yeah yeah, I knooww Mr Super Motivated Annoying Guy,  life-changing decisions are sometimes made overnight… but the effort it takes to produce the actual change is likely to be much longer. Anything which is worth doing takes time right? Most ‘overnight’ breakthroughs come after years of education or experience. Learning new skills takes effort. People save for years to buy a home (if people are still buying houses these days) and put even longer into the foundations for a great relationship to share the said house with someone, starting with those long drawn out years of singledom where we learn about who we are. And of course that worthwhile cup of tea took longer to make than the time it took for kettle to boil. Where do you think the tea comes from?  You never know what road you’re on so don’t panic, there’s very likely to be some surprises and success along the way. Or failing that, a great cuppa.

In my case, perhaps I’ve been a little harsh when assessing my resolutions progress. It’s fairly to say I have judged myself more than once for only ‘just’ achieving them. For example, in January I wanted to socialise at least twice. I just-about socialised twice and then felt underwhelmed when detailing my progress. Similarly this month, I don’t have a big cheesy activity to show off about but I still tried something new which is what I set out to do. It’s so easy to fall into the Shouldn’t I have done more though? trap. It has been 89 days after all!

The truly great thing about writing up my monthly resolutions has become something which I didn’t anticipate when I began this blog at the beginning of the year – I have inadvertently given myself a wonderful foundation and reason to write. So rather than lamenting over the fact I’ve not been skydiving yet or found the time to ride a giant squid, I will take a tiny moment to appreciate what this blog is for. Along with the resolutions updates, the travel diary gives me an excuse to sit down and write something no matter how inspired or motivated I feel (currently you can find tips on travelling to Florence, Bergen, Oslo, and Disneyland Paris). My favourite blogs to write are the ones in which I have found the time to consider a subject in more detail, whether I’ve been wondering why successful wellness trends are so often not the ones which are backed up by science, explaining why the phrase ‘depressed at Valentine’s Day’ is unhelpful when applied only to those who are single, or finding a positive spin on that time I had a fire.

With the above in mind, before I post my March resolutions update, I’d like to thank everyone who’s stuck with me the last 89 days. It is wonderful having your support and I enjoy reading what everyone has been up to. So yes, thank you all.

And if, like me, you’re having a crisis of confidence over what you’re going to be able to achieve in the next nine months (urghhhhhhh), it’s probably time to take a moment to think the things you do every week and don’t give yourself credit for because it’s just a stock part of being an Adult. No matter what anyone tells you, the tiniest achievements still count.



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