How I achieved my March Resolutions

If you’ve just stumbled across my blog, I have set myself two small goals for each month of 2017. Here’s why I picked these goals for March if you’d like some context. And here’s how I did…

In my last post Why being a ¼ of the way through 2017 isn’t as bad as it sounds’ I explained why I have felt somewhat underwhelmed when ticking off my resolutions, but also noted that feeling a little lacklustre about our achievements three months into the year is pretty common. If you can relate to this or are interested in how I feel about my ‘minimum effort’ approach to my March resolutions, it may be worth a read.

Try a New Activity

I was pretty sure that I was going to fail this goal as it has been such a busy month; I celebrated my beautiful bestie’s birthday, saw my partner for the first time in seven weeks and in between got lumped with all the evening/weekend shifts at work. I had some great recommendations for new activities but having no excess money left me flailing. Fortunately, I soon realised I had a few firsts without even realising it! The highlights include having a guided tour of a castle, going out to eat teppan-yaki – I wouldn’t usually count eating out as an activity but dude they THROW YOUR FOOD ABOUT before you eat it; I witnessed the most active mushrooms I’ve ever seeeen – and I also cooked together with my boyfriend for the first time. Usually one of us has cooked for the other (okay, it’s usually him cooking for me) and it was fun to cook a meal together. Admittedly it was also a little stressful as we cooked for his entire family… eek! And I have I mentioned his sister’s partner is a chef? So yes. I cooked for a chef – terrifying. Thankfully his family seemed to enjoy the food (or are super polite) and after the meal I got to CUDDLE A CHIHUAHUA. I’m guessing carrying a dog around with you like a tiny baby doesn’t count as a new activity but it should because it was the best moment of my entire life ever. Seriously. EVER.

Do something good for the environment

I decided against making some sort of ‘grand gesture’ to prove my commitment to this resolution and instead made some small changes. The main one was cooking with less animal products. I’m veggie anyway but it can be easy to fall back on easy animal protein (non-vegan meat substitutes for example or lashings of cheese), particularly as I was brought up to eat or prepare meals with meat or fish twice daily. I approached mealtimes a little differently this month but still tried the new vegan quorn pieces for those desperate meat substitute moments.

When cooking for my boyfriend’s family they probably had their first ever vegan dinner – although I don’t think they realised it was vegan and not just veggie as it was curry. Often in asian cooking the mix of spices are the highlight of the dish so it’s a good place to start when cooking for meat-eaters who aren’t used to eating veggie food. I reckon this is largely because flavours are more recognisable than some of the lesser known ‘alternative’ veggie foods and thus less off-putting should you be faced with a fussy eater.

I also took my rucksack out with me everyday and – when possible – picked fruit/veg without packaging or, more often than not, simply checked packaging was recyclable. No additional plastic bags were necessary, of course. I made a donation to an environmental charity, researched and signed petitions… and made sure I switched my lights off! I am very much still veggie, by the way, which is probably a relief to my meat-eating and pescatarian cheese-loving friends.

Next up: I’ll be sharing a post about why I picked my April resolutions within the next few days!


8 thoughts on “How I achieved my March Resolutions

  1. I hung out with my vegan friend two weekends ago and it made me resolve to eat more vegetables and less animal products too. It’s hard because I’m terrible about eating my veg but it’s a good challenge for me.

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