In Jan 2017 I gave myself 24 small goals to achieve this year. They get harder as the year goes on and in this blog I will update my progress, with a little humour and honesty thrown in too. Wish me luck!

Current score card: 0/24 goals

I am someone who wants to be proud of themselves and isn’t. I’ve tried to take big leaps and wondered why I end up floating some space between the ground and the clouds; a strange dead space between hard reality and somewhere that sounds like it should be shiny, but actually just keeps raining on you.

I am someone who is going back to the ground. I’m going to carve out some tiny steps and climb up them. I may or may not wear sensible footwear; I feel like my blobfish slippers make wonderful company but may not be appropriate for all my 2017 resolutions.

Let’s go. (I’m scared.)