2017: The Tiny Resolutions.

As someone with anxiety, there’s a big difference between what I want to do and what I feel I can do. I never know how I’ll feel one month to the next so I have set myself small, achievable goals for each month. Usually, at the end of the year I wonder why I feel ashamed of my career, lack of money and my place in the world despite my best efforts. So I want to start smaller: I want to start with me.
When social situations make you panic, it can be hard to leave the house. When you’re feeling very low, it can be hard to… do anything really. So the resolutions are mostly small activities which force me to take care of myself, to try new things and which push myself to go out socially (and maybe even make a new friend by the end of the year).
You can check out what little goals I’ve set myself and follow my progress here: https://whiskywolfcub.wordpress.com/blog
Wish me luck! Jess x